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inThync Professional Training assists learners, trainers, teachers, tutors, mentors, colleagues and key partners improve their effectiveness and impact in everyday communication, problem solving,
decision making and wellbeing.

For educators it provides practical insights and strategies that support student engagement, ensure challenge and strengthen the sense of achievement in the regular and the replacement classroom.


A repertoire of Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social capabilities is central to success at all levels, personal and professional.

Better whole brain thinking and learning assists:


Classroom Learning
and Teaching


/Conflict Resolution


Team Alignment
and Cohesion


Creativity and Innovation


Classroom Success and
Career Development


Organisational Learning
for Cultural Shift

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april, 2018

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12apr9:30 am- 12:30 pmThe "Learning to Learn" Classroom - DocklandsIntroducing visible critical and creative thinking routines to your students
13apr9:30 am- 12:30 pmWelcome to Relief Teaching - DocklandsA comprehensive introduction to the local relief teaching landscape in Victoria, with practical strategies for early success in the classroom. and staff room.

april, 2018

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Agile thinking is increasingly sought after today in education, industry and business.

Learn to leverage the diversity of our thinking through our inclusive workshops that help leaders, teams, colleagues and students build the thinking agility to adapt to today’s mental demands.

In selection and appointment suitability processes today, more universities and employers are assessing intellectual and social-emotional capabilities with equivalent or greater weighting than the pure knowledge or understanding of the discipline.

inThync provides thinking programs  and services incorporating the research and resources of  Herrmann International in the way of HBDI® Profiling and Whole Brain® thinking.

Your cognitive dominance profile is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Understanding your own brain’s preferences and strengths provides a powerful entry point to the teaching and learning of meta-cognition, questions and possibilities and reasoning whether learning in business, or in the classroom.  An awareness of “blind spots” in our thinking aids communication, problem-solving, decision-making, teaching and learning.

If you seriously curious about your own ways of thinking then begin by completing your own confidential HBDI meta-cognitive profile, an inexpensive revealing insight into your personal and professional thinking preferences and strengths. For a cost comparable to a ticket to the theatre, equip yourself to lead with thinking tools, frameworks and understanding  of audience capabilities central to every meeting or lesson.

Enjoy our brief hi-tempo intro video , or come along to one of our free HBDI® Profile and Whole Brain® thinking information sessions held monthly. See the Calendar for dates and locations.


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