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inThync Professional Training assists learners, trainers, teachers, tutors, mentors, colleagues and key partners improve their effectiveness and impact in everyday communication, problem solving,
decision making and wellbeing.

For educators it provides practical insights and strategies that support student engagement, ensure challenge and strengthen the sense of achievement in the regular and the replacement classroom.


Repertoire of Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social capabilities is central to success at all levels, personal and professional.

Better whole brain thinking and learning assists:


Classroom Learning
and Teaching


/Conflict Resolution


Team Alignment
and Cohesion


Creativity and Innovation


Strategic Planning


Classroom Success and
Career Development


Organisational Learning
for Cultural Shift


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july, 2017

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8jul9:30 am- 12:30 pmWord Woes - for Students with Learning Difficulties - WerribeeAddressing Reading Challenges for Children with Learning Difficulties

july, 2017

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Thank you for visiting inThync. New programs are being posted this month, and more are on their way thanks to requests from schools, teachers and our workshop participants arising from the growing awareness that Thinking Capability is now to be explicitly taught, and the learning assessed, as part of Victorian Curriculum from the first years of schooling to Year 10.

Within our suite of programs we address the explicit teaching of Critical and Creative Thinking Capability in the classroom, and a number of seminars and resources have been designed specifically for curriculum leaders, those beginning or returning to teaching in Victoria, teachers of students with learning difficulties and relief teachers.

Our school-based workshops take a practical approach to identifying and assessing the Achievement Standards of student thinking within their classroom curriculum experiences, whether integrated or subject specific.

Central to our programs is the Herrmann HBDI Whole Brain model that provides a powerful entry point for educators who are considering how to framework the teaching and learning of meta-cognition, questions and possibilities and reasoning at all levels and across all subjects. Inclusive lesson planning templates and techniques are offered to cater for diverse thinking preferences that exist within every classroom.

If you are an educator who is curious about your own thinking preferences and how they impact on your teaching style, then contact us, or talk to us at the Education Show coming soon to in Melbourne.


inThync is refreshing! Watch this space for new partnerships, services, programs, presenters, ventures and learnings.

C21st learning and building leadership capacity are strong themes in our recent work with partners and clients, along with the redesigning of curriculum in schools across the country to increase their learner capabilities, levels of achievement and school performance generally.