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inThync  services improve impact in everyday communication, problem solving, decision making and wellbeing through visible thinking agility.

Receive practical insights and strategies to support learner engagement, ensure challenge, develop metacognition and build confidence.


A repertoire of Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social capabilities is central to success at all levels, personal and professional.

Better whole brain thinking and learning assists:


Classroom Learning
and Teaching


/Conflict Resolution


Team Alignment
and Cohesion


Creativity and Innovation


Classroom Success and
Career Development


Organisational Learning
for Cultural Shift

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inThync offers online consultations and workshops at times convenient to clients and their participants.

Online appointments offer the confidentiality and convenience of customised learning tailored to your current needs.

Contact us to discuss your personal hot topic of professional need right now.

inThync builds Thinking Agility  by incorporating the lessons from  educational neuroscience and psychology research into the easy-to-apply Herrmann Whole Brain® Model.

Understanding your own brain’s preferences and strengths that are as unique to you as your fingerprint, provides a powerful entry point to  stretching our thinking capabilities: meta-cognition, questions and possibilities and reasoning.  An awareness of “blind spots” in our thinking aids communication, problem-solving, decision-making, teaching and learning whether in business, education and training or at home.

Enjoy our brief hi-tempo intro video to agile thinking, click on the program links provided or contact us to arrange for your own  HBDI® Profile.


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