The inThync mission is to provide  accessible, affordable and practical personal and professional learning to individuals, groups, teams, networks and organisations that seek greater achievement of their personal, professional and organisational goals.

inThync delivers customised Professional Learning programs that are:

  • focused on the unique needs of each client and their HBDI® “Thinking Preferences” Profiles
  • based on solid research and sound learning principles
  • informative, relevant and purposeful
  • designed for time efficiency
  • fun and enjoyable
  • effective in optimising diverse talents
  • empowering

The inThync team comprises certified practitioners in HBDI® “Whole Brain® Thinking” which provides a research-based scientific approach to thinking preferences of individuals and teams. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument – HBDI® provides empowering data and insights into the whole brain functioning of individuals who interact daily with sometimes challenging consequences. It provides high level meta-cognitive training, leadership support programs and curriculum consultancy services to schools and organisations nationally. We have your needs covered.  Free HBDI® information sessions are available across Melbourne monthly, see our Programs and Workshops calendar for details. Click here to order your HBDI® Profile for no more than the expected price of a ticket to the theatre.

Executive Trainer Daryl Brooks brings the experience of a former school principal, company director and senior adviser to the design and delivery of inThync’s services and projects.

As a recent graduate in educational neuroscience, and an agile practitioner in cognitive development,  he is currently specialising in Learning, Development and Capability training for professional language interpreters who work largely in the health, legal, travel and education sectors across Australia.